To Let

1 hr 29 min | Telugu | Action | 2012 | 13+

Raju is a bank manager - State Bank Of Hyderabad, in case you are the curious sorts. The other guys are a peon, a chaiwallah and a panwallah, in that order. For comic relief in this 'trying to be comic' film, we have a blind beggar along with his two sidekicks, a dumb guy and a handicapped guy. We also those chaiwallah etc.'s girlfriends. So at any given time, there is a minimum of three character artistes screaming out their dialogues just to make sure you understand them.The rest of the movie has you see Raju having a major love dhoka, in the form of his 'maradalu pilla' getting married to another guy. So to avoid the ragging of his roomies, he makes up a fictitious girlfriend in Delhi and writes himself love letters. So when the guys actually find themselves in a fix over their girls, they all decide to elope to Delhi to take shelter in the fictitious girlfriend's home.

Music byBabu
StarringPriyanka Naidu,Posani Krishna Murali
Available for download no

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