The Fighter Murd No 1

2 hr 5 min | Hindi | Drama | 2011 | 13+

Vedi tells the story of Prabhakaran , who is a young Police Officer, who goes to Kolkata in search of his sister, Aishwarya . Prabhakaran, at his native place, Thoothukudi, had developed enmity with a local don by thrashing him in public and putting him behind bars. The enmity gets travelled to Kolkata also where the don join another local gangster to take revenge on the police officer. The baddies trouble the police officer's sister and her friend, Paaru , who falls in love with Prabhakaran.While the enmity between Prabhakaran and the local don continues, a flashback of Prabhakaran goes on. It is about how bad him and his sister were treated by the society as their father was a smuggler. So, Prabhakaran decides to send his sister to an orphanage saying that he doesn't know that girl is. This creates a bad name about Prabhakaran in his sister's books. Later, Aishwarya, Prabha's sister gets adopted by a North-Indian family and settles in Kolkata. After few years, Aishwarya's foster parents die of an accident and she is sent to an orphanage again.Therefore, he goes to Kolkata and he masquerades himself as a Gym Teacher in a College as he is scared that his sister might avoid him.So, how the police officer defeats the baddies and joins with his sister is the action-packed climax of the movie.

StarringVishal,Vivek,Sayaji Shinde,Sameera Reddy,Poonam Kaur
DirectorPrabhu Deva
Available for download yes

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