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Tarini Tarama

1 hr 55 min | Bengali | Devotional | 1977 | all

Rajababu bans all types of religious activities, thereby the villagers of kurigram protest against such atrocities. But rajababu is married to jasodha, who is a devotee of tara maa and like other people do her prayes without the knowledge of her husband, rajababu this means that any religious activities is to be conceated from rajababu. Rajababu is oblivious of these facts as he enjoys his life in worldly joys by drinking and exploiting women. He is ignorant of the craving of her wife to become a mother, let along the plight of the villagers. This takes a cumulative effect as the helpless villagers are aroused to anger from their despair state of living. But before anything could happen, nayakbabu manages all the affairs and is the prompt saviour of raja babu as usual. Nayak babu even sacrifices his life. So that rajababu, who meanwhile have a vision of tara maa treads the good path. Rajababu realises his mistake. He bears jasodha a child but is not for born from his evil ways for a long time. Again he has a vision of tara maa which result into rajababu becoming a convent to a firm believer in tara maa. After a time slice of 15 years, jasodha is dead and the noble person that rajababu has become, abandons the worldly life and becomes a preacher. Therefore, life comes a full circle.

Music by

Shantimoy Mukhopadhyay


Sandhya Roy,Nirmal Kumar,Gyanesh Mukherjee


Bhupen Roy



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