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Swarna Mahal

1 hr 40 min | Bengali | Drama | 1982 | all

Swarna Mahal is the tale of power, deceit, betrayal and murder. Swarna Mahal is the ancestral palace of the Singharoy family. It's the family's tradition that the eldest in the family will get the throne and inherit the property. The eldest son of the family Birendra is a bachelor and an alcohol addict. The second son Jitendra had married a priest's daughter but she and her son Saibal were never accepted by the family. Taking advantage of this situation the youngest Bihupendra plans to usurp the property. But, his plans get disturbed when Jitendra marries Semontini who forces them to accept Saibal into the family. Bhupendra kills Jitendra and instigates Saibal to kill Birendra. Saibal is jailed for murdering Birendra. Bhupendra conspires to kill Semontini too. But, Satindra, Bhupendra's lawyer son ruins all his plans and reveals his truth before the court. Bhupendra is given life imprisonment. The mother and the son are united.

Music by

Ajoy Das


Ashok Kumar,Asit Sen,Pradeep Kumar,Anil Chatterjee


Sukhen Das



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