Surer Sathi

1 hr 59 min | Bengali | Romance | 1988 | all

Surer Sathi is an emotional romance that tells the love story of Shumita and Sanjay, who fall in love through music and melody. Sanjay is an upcoming singer who is trying to make big in the industry and hails from a lower social strata than Shumita, who falls in love with him at first sight and asks him to be her music teacher. They both fall in love as they make sweet melody but their social differences cause a rift between them, through Shumita�s parents. In a turn of events, Shumita�s father�s manager sends goons after Sanjay and in a tragic accident he loses his eyesight. Shumita is kept in the dark and is finally forced to marry someone else. The movie ends on a happy note as certain supporting characters like Altaf and Saibal see their true love and try to save them both. They are reunited in the end and Sanjay gets his eyesight back and it all ends happily.

Music byHemanta Mukherjee
StarringTarun Kumar,Tapas Paul,Madhabi Mukherjee,Anil Chatterjee,Debashree Roy,Shubhendu Chattopadhyay
DirectorTapan Saha
Available for download yes

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