Surer Akashe

2 hr 12 min | Bengali | Action | 1988 | all

Surer Akashe is a family drama that is based on a complicated love story. It tells the story of two friends, one of whom is our protagonist and who loses his eyesight in an accident. In order to not punish his love, he decides to lie to his love and makes her leave him on purpose. In a tragic turn of events, it happens so that the best friend is to marry the hero’s love. Dealing with a lot of complications and emotional turmoil, the truth is known by all and then finally, the two lovers are united with happiness. The story is deeply based on elements of complicated family relations, the sacrifices of love and friendship, the bad and good nature of man and also the mysterious ways in which fate works.

Music bySwapan Chakraborty
StarringTapas Pal
DirectorBiresh Chatterjee
Available for download yes

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