Sudhu Tomari

1 hr 52 min | Bengali | Classic | 1988 | 13+

Sudhu Tomari is Ashok and Malas love story. Ashok and Mala fall in love and get married. But their relationship becomes bitter due to Malas late hours and friendship with Jibon in whose group Mala performed as a dancer. Ashok suspects that they share an illicit relationship. Things seem to get better when Mala announces she is pregnant. Ashok also gets a job. But things soon become worse when Mala leaves for Delhi with the troupe without informing Ashok. Mala falls down from the train after an ugly spat with Ashok. Ashok is charged with her murder. But he is acquitted when Mala comes back. Ashok realizes his mistake and they are happily united.

Music byAjoy Das
StarringProsenjit,Soumitra Banerjee,Tapas Paul,Kajal Gupta,Bankim Ghosh,Samit Bhanja
DirectorPrabir Mitra
Available for download yes

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