Subha Bibaha

1 hr 32 min | Bengali | Drama | 1977 | all

Sukher Basa is a family drama that is based on the story of a joint family, how it breaks up and is finally brought back together. The movie shows how lust and greed makes man behaves like a monster and mistreat his parents and loved ones. And it shows also how little acts of kindness and respect can totally change a person into a better human being. The plotline is very gripping and has much emotional content, with many twists and valuable life lessons. And all the characters add to the content of the movie and the plot makes you understand the importance of being true at all times, and to always respect the ones who have sacrificed for you.

Music byV. Balsara, Shyamal Guha
StarringPahari Sanyal,Sambhu Mitra,Tripti Mitra,Chhaya Debi
DirectorSambhu Mitra, Amit Maitra
Available for download yes

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