Sindhoora Puvvu

2 hr 25 min | Telugu | Romance | 1988 | all

Narasimhe Gowda (Dr.Vishnuvardhan), who is the chieftain for a group of 48 villages. He is the man with the strength of an elephant and who rules the Simhadri village as a lion rules his kingdom. The sincerity and the wisdom in the judgement makes the people go to Narasimha for justice and not the police. Shobhraj, one of the relative of Narasimha Gowda rapes a girl and is banished from the village for 18 years. He also has to marry the girl according to the judgement by the Gowda. Such a harsh judgement makes Shobraj's father kill Narasimhe Gowda. The throne is ascended by the elder son of Narasimha Gowda,who is also portrayed by Vishnuvardhan as a just and powerful ruler. Things take a turn after 18 years when the Simhadriya Simha family has to undergo a similar situation. Due to a twist of fate, Gowda has to decide his brother Chikka's (again played by Vishnuvardhan) fate. The judgement - Chikka is ordered to leave the village for 10 years. Truth is unveiled when Shobraj's mother reveals the involvement of her son in falsely implicating Chikka

Music byManoj Jyan
DirectorAppa Vasan
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