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2 hr 6 min | Bengali | Drama | 2003 | all

Sharbari is a social drama that tells the emotionally moving story of Sharbari who is tested by fate. The movie maps out the life of Sarbari and a series of unfortunate events that she is subjected to. She is first tricked into believing that her husband Jayanto is dead and her child is taken away and she is told that he is no more. Almost crazy with sadness and pain, she is drugged and sent off in a shady are to become a prostitute and smuggler. All these evil plots are arranged by her own uncle whom she sots and kills later. Sentenced to prison, Sarbari leads a sad life. In a turn of events, Haru tell Jayanto the whole scheme and later, he is reunited with his son Kaushik, after Sarbari is set free, and Kaushik has now grown up to be a jailer, parented by good people. The movie portrays the good and bad side of man, the limits of wrong doing and that evil never pays.

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