Shanti Nilayam

2 hr 24 min | Tamil | Drama | 1969 | 13+

Baskar(Gemini Ganesan), a rich estate owner, lives in Shanthi Nilayam with his older brother Sekar's children(four daughters and a son) and is finding it difficult to bring them up as they are highly naughty and the hired governess runs away every time. His cousin Ramu(Nagesh) and his mother(Pandari Bai) live in the estate too. Baskar conveys his need to Dr. Vijayan who convinces Malathi to accept the governess job. Initially, the children don not accept Malathi but her understanding and matured nature soon wins them over. Baskar appreciates her work.

Written byChitralaya Gopu
Music byM. S. Viswanathan
StarringGemini Ganesan,Nagesh,Kanchana,Vijayalalitha
DirectorG. S. Mani
Available for download yes

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