Satrangee Parachute

1 hr 34 min | Hindi | Comedy | 2011 | 13+

Pappu has done it once again but this time he ran away with his 4 other friends to Mumbai leaving their parents angry and at the same time worried about the children. Everyone in Nainitaal is worried and is looking out for the kids. Pappu in search of the Parachute lands in Mumbai with his friends, which is a complete new place for his friends far away from their village in Nainitaal. They start searching for the parachute to fulfill their dream to fly. Will Pappu succeed in getting the Parachute? How will Mumbai treat these 5 small kids who doesn't know anyone in the city? Will they ever see their parents again?

Written by
Music byShamir Tandon, Kaushik Dutta
StarringJackie Shroff,Kay Kay Menon,Zakir Hussain,Rajpal Yadav,Rupali Ganguly,Siddhartha Sanghani
DirectorVineet Khetrepal
Available for download yes

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