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Satir Dehatyag

2 hr 1 min | Bengali | Drama | 1954 | all

Satir Dehatyag is the story of Sati, the human birth of the Supreme Goddess Yogmaya. Daksha, the son of Brahma. After successfully completing a hard penance he’s blessed to be the king of the entire earth. He also asks the Goddess to be born as his daughter. She agrees but warns him that she'll leave for celestial abode if he ever insults her. Sati is born to Daksha. She is beautiful, multi-talented and an ardent devotee of Shiva. Daksha arranges a swayamvar to get her married to the most powerful, richest and talented king. But, Sati chooses Shiva, a wanderer and a beggar. Daksha is disheartened at her choice and disowns her. Daksha banns the worship of Lord Shiva in his kingdom. This leads to famine and problems in his kingdom. In order to get out of the problems he arranges a grand yajna. He invites everybody of all the three worlds except Shiva. Sati feels that her father forgot to invite them. She goes to her father as the yajna is going on. But, she is insulted by Daksha. Daksha insults Shiva so badly that Sati loses her consciousness. This enrages Shiva and he destroys everything. Sati dies. Shiva lifts Sati's body on his shoulders and starts wandering around the earth madly. In order to get him out of this fit, Lord Narayana cuts sati's body into pieces and the places where each body part falls becomes a site of pilgrimage. Finally Shiva calms down.

Music by

Kalipada Sen


Dipti Roy,Kamal Mitra,Raja Mukherjee,Subhendu Chatterjee


Monu Sen