Sare Chuattor Ghosh Para

2 hr 10 min | Bengali | Comedy | 2014 | all

Sare Chuattor Ghosh Para is social drama that shows the story of three friends with some comedy in it. Aninda, Kaushik and Sagnik are three friends living in a mess run by Mr. Bhombol. Sagnik is a good music composer and he dreams of becoming a singer one day. But due to some speaking problems he can’t sing well. In love Kaushik goes to Liza, a boxing champion to practice boxing. But instead of learning anything he used to be beaten up by Liza daily. Aninda's desire is to be an actor. But he ends up doing small advertisements of inner wears. One day a smuggler's daughter, Piu comes in their life. 1 crore rupees was said to be given as reward to find Piu. To make a trap for Piu, Aninda falls in love with her. But the smuggler, Mr. Google is being put behind the bars and they had to give up the plan of getting 1 crore rupees. Then their life changed when Aninda found his talent in singing, Kaushik gets a chance for modelling and Sagnik was reintroduced as a boxer. The story ends on a happy note where the three boys achieve success in their own talented path thus teaching us that we should not be unhappy for our unsuccessful dreams but be cheerful with what we have achieved in life.

Music byAshok Bhadra
StarringPartho Sarathi Chakraborty,Arnab Banerjee,Vivek Trivedi,Pamela,Sutapa Das,Subrato Guha Roy
DirectorSoumya Supriyo
Available for download yes

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