Sanjh Aur Savera

2 hr 14 min | Hindi | Drama | 1964 | 13+

Dr. Shankar Chaudhry, a wealthy doctor residing in Bombay with his younger sister, Manju and his widowed mother, Rukmimi, concedes to an arranged marriage with advocate Madhusudan's daughter, Maya, a girl neither he nor his mother have ever met. During the ceremony, Maya faints and recuperates under the care of her cousin, brother Prakash, and Madhusudan, and then the following day accompanies Shankar to his home. Maya rejects Shankar's sexual advances, as she is participating in a Holy Fast.On a visit to Banaras, where Madhusudan now resides, Shankar remarries Maya at Bhagwan Vishwanath's Temple. Their relationship becomes intimate and she becomes pregnant.Shankar arrives home one day and discovers that Prakash and Maya are missing; his search for them proves fruitless. What he later discovers is truly surprising.

Music byShankar-Jaikishan
StarringDev Anand,Meena Kumari,Mehmood,Guru Dutt,Shubha Khote
DirectorHrishikesh Mukherjee
Available for download yes

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