Sabar Upare Maa

2 hr 26 min | Bengali | Drama | 1997 | 13+

"‘Sabar Upore Ma’ is the story of Sumi who gets separated from her lawyer parents. She also loses her memory. Sudip Roy, her father’s enemy takes her to his sister Gayatri’s house for evil purposes. But Gayatri doesn’t give in to her brother’s evil intentions. Sudip is jailed for 10 years. She names Sumi Riya and makes her a singer. Riya falls in love with Joy. Sudip is released from jail and he frames Riya on false murder charges. Its eventually revealed that Riya is Sumi. But helpless her helpless father gives her death sentence as the evidence was against her. Rekha, Sumi’s mother appeals in the High Court. She gathers evidence and proves that Sudip Roy is the actual culprit. The family is happily united.

Music byAnupam Dutta, Ashok Bhadra, Debojyoti Mishra
StarringChiranjeet Chakraborthy,Abhishek Chatterjee,Rozina,Aditi Chatterjee
DirectorSwapan Saha
Available for download yes

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