Rui Ka Bojh

1 hr 50 min | Hindi | Social | 1997 | all

Kishunsah is a self-respecting, wise old man who decides to divide his property among his family the moment he suspects that all is not well between his sons and daughter-in-law. After the division, Kishunsah settles down with his youngest son, but his tranquil life comes to an end sooner than expected. He has to face the rewards of old age – the humiliation, the insults. He has no value now. One day he is thrown into the junk room to live. He feels completely detached from the family and decides to snap all ties and renounce the world forever.

StarringPankaj Kapur,Raghuvir Yadav,Reema Lagoo
DirectorSubhash Agarwal
Available for download no

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