Rendu Gundela Chappudu

1 hr 50 min | Telugu | Romance | 2006 | 13+

Anu is heiress to a lot of wealth, and her foster dad Bhavani Shankar doesn't like her flipping for a pauper like Chakri - if he had to settle for a non-actor as a son-in-law anyway, he might as well choose from the several rich ones in Tollywood! And so, he plants Chakri in a drug case and packs him off to jail. Incidentally, every time you see a clich� in this film, if you also say bunka-chaka-punka-laka, you'll also come up with the soundtrack for this film.

Music byAakash
StarringBhagavan,Swapna Madhuri
DirectorMagunta Dayakar
Available for download no

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