Rakhal Raja

2 hr 18 min | Bengali | Romance | 1995 | all

'Rakhal Raja' is the story of Ajay, a shepherd boy. His music impresses Princess Radha and she falls in love with him. Phul, Ajays childhood friend also loves him. But, she sacrifices her love. Ajay is captivated by Radhas brother Sumit and is sentenced to death. Phul risks her life, frees Ajay and helps him elope with Radha. Phul sacrifices hr life to save their love. Sumit is killed by Ajay. The king commits suicide when he finds out that Ajay is actually the son of missing king Ballabh Sen. Ajay aka Sanjeev is crowned the king and he builds a tall monument in Phuls memory.

Music byAshok Bhadra
StarringRani,Rituparna Sengupta,Kaushik Banerjee,Chiranjit,Lopamudra
DirectorSanat Dutta
Available for download yes

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