Rajar Meye Parul

2 hr 15 min | Bengali | Romance | 1993 | all

The King of Bilaspur was really sad as his subjects in the kingdom were sad. The King did not know why, inspite of trade and flourish, his kingdom people were not happy. Soon he comes to know that his people considered him to be unlucky as inspite of having six wives, the King did not have a child. The King starts spending days of immense sadness till one day he dreams that a saint tells him to marry another lady who would give him a child. The King abides by him and marries a woodcutter�s daughter. Soon the youngest queen conceives. The six queens, in sheer jealousy kill all her seven sons and later say that they were puppies born. Her eighth child is a daughter. Before elder the queens come to know, the younger queen�s best friend, Malini smuggles the child out of the house, brings her up as her own child and names her Parul. Parul grows up to be a charming young lady and falls in love with a Tradesman. Soon, the truth of her birth is revealed and Parul is brought back to the palace along with her seven brothers by the King. The elder queens are punished for their deed.

Music byMrinal Banerjee
StarringTapas Pal,Geeta Dey,Anju Ghosh,Papia Adhikari,Tely Samad
DirectorMilan Choudhury
Available for download yes

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