Raja Rajendra

2 hr 17 min | Kannada | Comedy | 2015 | all

Mani, a small-time goon, who also is an imposter of a dreaded goon named Bottle Mani (P. Ravi Shankar) gets a contract to kill Neelkanta, the head of a royal family. But the story takes a turn when Mani's fails to kill the old man, instead he saves the old man's life and gains his confidence and falls in love with Shastri's daughter . However, the spirit of Raja Rajendra who was father of Neelakanta Raju takes over Mani and teaches them lesson. Later with the help of black magician mani manges to win over Raja Rajendra's sprits

Music byArjun Janya
DirectorPon Kumaran
Available for download no

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