1 hr 55 min | Bengali | Drama | 1955 | all

Raikamal narrates the story of Rai Kamal, a devotee of Lord Krishna. Rai Kamal and Ranjan are childhood sweethearts. When Ranjan grows up he wishes his desire to marry Rai but his parents are against this match as they are Brahmins and Rai Kamal was a low caste Vaishnav. Ranjan's father requests Kamini, Rai' mother to convince Rai to sever the relationship. Rai's mother leaves the village with Rai. Rashik Das, a minstrel accompanies them to Nabadweep. After Rai's mother's death she is forced to marry Rashik despite their huge age gap to stop the people from gossiping about them. But, they are never able to share a normal relationship of a couple. Rashik leaves Rai and goes away as he knows that Rai can love only Ranjan. Rai gets to know that Ranjan had left the village with Pori and converted into a Vaishnav. Circumstances again bring Rai and Ranjan together. Ranjan takes her to his house. Ranjan tells her that he had been waiting for her all the while and proposes to marry her. An ailing Pori also requests Rai to marry Ranjan but Rai leaves his house and takes to the streets once again. Rashik keeps following her like her shadow to shield her from everything without her knowledge.

Music byPankaj Mullick
StarringUttam Kumar, Sabitri Chatterjee, Kaberi Bose, Chandrabati Devi, Nitish Mukherjee
DirectorSubodh Mitra
Available for download yes

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