1 hr 29 min | Telugu | Drama | 2006 | all

a village where there is a classical Carnatic singer Swarnalata (Shabana Azmi). Her friend Vaishnavi (Ranjani Ramakrishnan) always accompanies her as a violinist. Swarnalata had a dream to perform a concert in a city, away from her remote village. She gets an opportunity and both Swarnalata and Vaishnavi start their journey in a bus to the city along with their children. However, the bus meets with an accident and falls from the bridge into a river. Vaishnavi and Swarnalata's son die in the mishap. But it turns a nightmare for Swarnalata. After 20 years... Vaishnavi's son Abhinay (Prakash Rao) who used to make jingles wants to prove the real artiste in him instead of wasting his time for these petty things. He happens to meet Swarnalata, but she fears that Abhi would blame her for the death of his mother.

Music byMani Sharma
StarringShabana Azmi
DirectorMahesh Dattani
Available for download no

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