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Premer Phande Kakatua

1 hr 52 min | Bengali | Drama | 2009 | 13+

Premer Phande Kakatua is a romantic comedy that is based on the story of love and war between a Girl’s and Boy’s Hostel. The movie has many comical scenes and hilarious sections, where the boys and girls try to trick each other and carry out practical jokes on each other. The owners too Champa and Bhombol Bannerjee, are a married couple who have been fighting for 5 years, which also adds much comic relief. Eventually, they fall in love with one another, except for their leaders who are still at each others throats. Finally, our hero Kaka saves her love, Tua from a mishap, risking his life and brings her back home safely. There is an emotional strain that is portrayed here about the couples’ past, about how they lost their daughter, that is very touching and moving. With a change of heart, Tua and Kaka profess their love to each other, and they unite in happiness.

Music by



Aishwarya Basu,Jishu Sengupta,Paran Bandopadhyay


Sanghamitra Chowdhury



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