Premaku Swagatham

2 hr 7 min | Telugu | Romance | 2002 | all

Mahendra (Prakash Raj) is a multimillionaire and a famous industrialist businessman.Lahari (Soundarya) is his only daughter and lucky talisman.He is very fond of her and does anything that satisfies his daughter.Balaji (Chakri) is a newly joined car driver for the one of the tens of cars Lahari uses depending up on her mood. During her traveling in Balari chauffeured car,she discovers that Balaji is a wonderful human being and eventually falls in love with him.Earlier she gets assurance from her lovable father that he would accept any guy,who is favored by Lahari as his son-in-law.At the same time,Mahendra also given assurance by Lahari that she would not mind marrying any guy her father selects. By the time,Lahari selects Balaji,Mahendra too has got another NRI guy in his mind.Mahendra rejects Lahari's proposal about marrying Balaji.Balaji meets Mahendra and assures him that he does not love Lahari.Balaji says that he will make Lahari hate him by making her experience the life of middle class family. The rest of the film is all about Balaji taking Lahari to his house and vexing her with his behavior so that Lahari runs back to her father.

Music byS.V.Krishna Reddy
StarringJ. D. Chakravarthi,Soundarya
DirectorS.V.Krishna Reddy
Available for download no

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