2 hr 7 min | Bengali | Classic | 1986 | all

This is a story about an educated and established guy, Alokendu Roy (Chiranjit) and Pravati Acharya (Mohua Roychowdhury). They fall in love with each other and decide to get married. But Alokendu's father Subhendu Roy (Tarun Kumar) delayed their marriage due to his election. Alokendu decides to opt for a registry marriage with Pravati. Later, they have an accident, a boy is injures but Alakendu runs away. Pravati oposes him and starts hating Alokendu. Alokendu realises his fault and surrenders to the police. Police arrest him and called Pravati as a witness. Subhendu tries to saved his son's life. The lower of Alokendu Mr. Dutta (Dilip Roy) proved that it was an accident and the boy died on the spot, Alokendu tried to save him, but he failed. Court released him. Pravati realises her fault and apologises to Alokendu.

Music byPabitra Chattopadhyay
StarringTarun Kumar,Sumitra Mukherjee,Satya Bandopadhyay,Chiranjeet Chakraborty,Mahua Roy Chowdhury
DirectorUmanath Bhattacharya
Available for download yes

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