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2 hr 13 min | Bengali | Drama | 1963 | all

Although Basanta hails from a rich family, his heart is that of a wanderer. Often he escapes from materialistic riches and wanders from one place to another singing. One day he comes to a village where he finds people extremely passionate about drama and acting. The villagers welcome him and soon he finds place in the local kabiraj’s house. The kabiraj’s daughter Harimati and Basanta shared a bitter sweet relationship and soon love begins to bloom. The village is soon visited by a dancing team and Basanta gets involved in singing with them. The leading lady Golap falls in love with Basanta however he refuses to marry her. He marries Harimati and takes her to his village. He settles down for a while however soon comes back to his restless self. He leaves his wife behind and starts wandering again. After encountering a number of experiences he again comes across the same dancing team, which he had met with a long time ago. He is happy to know that Golap was married with a kid. As Basanta continues his quest for wandering, he falls ill and realizes that his days are numbered. Destiny brings him back to his own house where he comes back to find Harimati dead leaving behind their child. He flees again and finally leaves his last breath in a boat in the middle of the river.

Music by

Hemanta Mukherjee


Anup Kumar,Sandhya Roy,Jahar Roy,Rabi Ghosh





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