One Chance Kodi

2 hr 22 min | Kannada | Drama | 2015 | all

Two friends want to make a movie, but face too many hurdles. Though sprinkled with humour, this remake of Malayalam movie Best of Luck fails to impress as the script is weak. Most sequences remind of some old Kannada movies. Nakula (Ravishankara Gowda) lacks money to make his dream movie. His friend Shukla (Patre Ajith) pledges his house to raise money, but keeps his elder brother Vinayaka Patil (B C Patil) in the dark. When Patil comes from abroad, the duo struggles to hide the truth. Nakula's lover Nithya (Linto) pretends as Shukla's lover. When Shukla's lover arrives, she has to act as sister of Tavare (Shruthi), the cook. This leads to many hilarious situations. Patre Ajith has done a good job as Shukla. Ravishankara Gowda impresses with his witty dialogue delivery. B C Patil makes his presence felt. Music by Mysore Mohan and camera work by Mathew Rajan are good.

Music byMysore Mohan
StarringPatre Ajith,Ravishankar Gowda,Shruthi
DirectorSathya Mitra
Available for download no

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