Okka Pellam Muddu Rendo Pellam Vaddu

2 hr 22 min | Telugu | Comedy | 2004 | all

Harischandra (Rajendra Prasad) is a very loyal & truthful middle-class person but his wife Satya (Raasi) creates a separate world where feeling herself as rich & wealthy they have a kid. Once Satya's brother Sarath (Surya) visits their house and in the talk he promises a bounty of Rs. 1 crore to the couple if give birth to a girl and also get married to his son after grownup. Satya approaches to a renowned Swamiji and seeks his blessings for the baby girl he advises her that they should start a vow of telling lies to everybody, first Hari doesn�t agree to it but even Satya tries to commit suicide he also agrees for the vow. As the situation had it, Hari has to meet his childhood friend Krishna (Krishna Bhagawan) due to the vow he lies that he has not married, so Krishna arranges his sister Meena�s (Gurlin Chopra) marriage with Hari. Due to Meena�s father is in his last stage the situation lands up that Hari has to suddenly marry Meena. He brings Meena to the house and introduces Satya as a servant. The remaining story is how Hari manages between two wives.

Music byvandemataram Srinivas
StarringRaasi,Rajendra Prasad,Tanikella Bharani
DirectorKongarapi Venkata Ramana
Available for download no

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