Nichaya Thaamboolam

2 hr 45 min | Tamil | Drama | 1962 | all

A Spoilt son of a Senior Police officer and a kind hearted mother is attracted to a poor teacher�s daughter and marries her. It turns out that the in-laws are already related. When this girl was born, the two families had entered into an arrangement that she would marry the rich man�s first-born son. Problems arise between the newly married couple and when their child is born, the hero suspects her fidelity and walks out on her. More complications ensue with the hero being charged with the murder of his friend as the wife takes it upon her to save her husband.

Music byViswanathanRamamoorthy
StarringJamuna,M.N.Nambiar,S.V.Ranga Rao,Sivaji Ganesan
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