Neel Swapno

1 hr 46 min | Bengali | Romance | 2013 | 13+

'Neel Swapno' is the story of materialistic dreams and what actually gives us joy in life. Ayan, a village boy is a good photographer and wants to pursue a photography career in the city against his father’s wishes. He gets an opportunity and goes to the city leaving his family and Saathi the girl who loves him heartbroken. He does well in his career and falls in love with a model Rebecca. But, Rebecca leaves him and goes to Mumbai for a better future. Ayan meets with an accident. During this crisis Saathi comes and supports him. Rebecca’s betrayal, the loss of sanity of another model Priya makes Ayan realize that the world of glamour is not for him. He goes back to the village with Saathi to lead a happy life.

Music byMrinal Gyen, Chandan Roychoudhury
StarringBhasker Banerjee,Dolan Roy,Akash Dey,Trina Das,Divya Roy,Shyamal Bose
DirectorShymal Bose
Available for download yes

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