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Neel Akasher Neeche

1 hr 18 min | Bengali | Drama | 1959 | all

The storyline of the movie basically involves arround the protagonist, a Chinese by birth called Wang Lu. Avery simple, honest, sincere and hardworking person came to India for his living. He was a very lonely person with a great heart. It was depicted on the last days of British raj, so the whole country was living with great anxiety and therefore everybody was looking for their perspectives of the situations. Struggle for freedom was in extream and that feelings were spread very fast into the minds of the citizen. In this context Wang Lu was looking for his living and suddenly meets a child. After some close proximity with that child Wang Lu became a friend of that child. Basanti was the mother of that child and Wang Lu begins a fellow feeling for them. After the hard days he did found some peace with them. This story is a classic how these three lives evolve arround the socioeconomic background of those days of struggle.

Music by

Hemanta Mukherjee


Kali Banerjee, Manju Dey, Smriti Biswas,Bikash Roy,Suruchi Sengupta


Mrinal Sen



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