Neeku Naaku Dash Dash

2 hr 31 min | Telugu | Romance | 2012 | 13+

The movie�s story revolves around the illegal liquor mafia of Andhra Pradesh. Siva (Prince) is a very straightforward guy who is forced to work in an illegal liquor syndicate headed by the ruthless local leader Bapineedu.. While working there, he comes across a free spirited girl Gayathri ( Nandhitha). A omantic angle develops between the two and this leads to unexpected developments in the syndicate. Meanwhile, Siva accidentally causes a major loss to the family of a co-worker and he wants to make amends, even at the cost of his life. As Bapineedu and others come to know of this plan, a desperate chase begins. What does Siva do? Does he succeed in his attempts to help out the affected family? Will he escape the clutches of the evil Bapineedu? That forms the story.

Music byYashwanth Nag
StarringPrince Cecil,Nanditha Raj
Available for download no

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