Nayan Tara

1 hr 39 min | Bengali | Drama | 2014 | all

Nayan Tara is a film that spreads the noble message of eye donation. Brajanath is a retired man who lives with his widowed daughter and granddaughter Aankhi. Aankhi is a brilliant student but her world comes crashing down when she becomes blind. Eye transplantation is the only way in which she can regain her eyesight. Aankhi's loss of eyesight shatters the world of her widowed mother. Brajanath silently suffers to see them in pain. Shamik Banerjee, Aankhi's eye specialist who also loves her promises Brajanath that he'll help Aankhi regain her eyesight. Brajanath dies of heart attack. He had donated his eyes and coincidentally his eyes are grafted on Aankhi's eyes and she gets back her eyesight.

Music bySaswata Chatterjee, Chandan Ray Chowdhury
StarringBhaskar Banerjee,Somashree Chaki,Piyali Munshi,Debdoot Sengupta,Paromita Kayal,Subrata Ganguly
DirectorShyamal Bose
Available for download yes