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Natakala Rayudu

2 hr 35 min | Telugu | Drama | 1969 | all

Adiseshayya (Nagaiah) has two sons and a daughter. His younger son Bujjibabu (Nagabhushanam) likes acting very much. Because of this, he loses many jobs shown by his father. Finally, they have a big quarrel and Bujjibabu is sent out of his home by his father. His mother blesses him to become a big star. He spends a horrible life without food and is forced to be a domestic worker in the house of Geetha Devi (Kanchana). She identifies the actor in him and gives a chance to act in her company. In spite of resistance from Manager Rajasekhar (Padmanabham) and Hero Prem Kumar (Prabhakar Reddy), he grows into a big star. Geetha Devi loves Bujjibabu. But he concentrates on acting mostly and becomes a big star. After becoming a star, he goes home and finds them facing many problems. Finally, he solves their problems and marries Geetha Devi.

Music by

G. K. Venkatesh


Hemalatha, Kanchana,Chittor V. Nagaiah,B. Padmanabham,Nagabhushanam,Kaikala Satyanarayana


G. K. Venkatesh



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