2 hr 8 min | Telugu | Action | 2002 | all

Narahari (Sai Kumar) is a dashing young Assistant Commissioner of Police, who spends more time undercover than is good for the pores. First, he is in the guise of a student (this is one of those raisin-mole disguises - you got to see it to believe it), busting drugs and arms trafficking et al that are plaguing colleges.Now that we have established that the bad guys are no match for our superhero, enter Super Bad Guy, Narasimha (Thriller Manju). Then it is the war of the Naras as Narasimha, a hired assassin, tries to knock off Narahari. He keeps bungling till it finally comes to fisticuffs, and Simha stabs Hari and runs away. The Jackal could take some notes here! Flashback time. Narahari's pseudo father is actually Narasimha's real father. And the guy who has hired Narasimha is actually the guy who murdered Narahari's father. And this guy Peddanna (Jayaprakash Reddy) is a Rayalaseema feudal lord who is hand-in-glove with Pakistani terrorists. The climax deals with a plot to terrorize AP and snatch power (God alone knows why AP!). Narahari and Narasimha join hands 'cos of patrimonial reasons, and it's showdown time

Music byVandemataram Srinivas
StarringJaya Prakash Reddy,Sai Kumar,Thriller Manju
DirectorThriller Manju
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