Nanna Olavina Banna

2 hr 17 min | Kannada | Romance | 2010 | 13+

The story begins with Shekar (Somasekhar) who comes to Bangalore reluctantly. Apparently, his father (Subbe Gowda) doesn’t like Shekar to get into painting and art and before he takes a move, Shekar escapes from village. However, he takes up a course in Ken School of Art and in no time, his talent prospers. Things take a turn when Saka (Ashwini) arrives and she starts taking advantage of Shekar’s innocence. This is realized by Shekar’s girlfriend Kala (Shanthala). In no time, Shekar’s efficiency and commitment brings insecurity to Saka and she comes up with a plan to defame him completely. She succeeds and Shekar returns to village on hearing the death news of his mother.

Music byV Manohar
StarringAshwini Kulkarni,Shanthala,Somashekar,BKS Varma,JMS Mani,Umesh Hadapad
Available for download yes

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