Naga Pratishta

1 hr 57 min | Telugu | Mythology | 2002 | all

the smuggling of idols from temples by Kanakaraju (Jayaprakash Reddy) and how a cantankerous old lady (Sakuntala) tortures her daughter-in-law Nagalakshmi (Rasi), the moment the young girl arrives at her home, and finally how she pays for it. The reason why Sakuntala hates her daughter-in-law is because she is the daughter of her maid (Alapati Lakshmi). Joining her in the harassment are the other two daughters-in-law (Rajita, Harika). Kanakaraju, the brother of Sakuntala, helps his sister in finally throwing Nagalakshmi out of the house, in the absence of Aditya (Sijju), who goes abroad to pursue studies. After Nagalakshmi is thrown out, she goes to Nagadevata temple and notices one night Kanakaraju stealing the idol. She tries to stop him, but is beaten and is declared dead by Kanakaraju. But a surprise waits on their return. Nagalakshmi is back at their home to greet them, but this time displaying authority and control on household matters. Soon we realize Nagalakshmi is no ordinary woman, but is possessed by the goddess.

Music byVandemataram Srinivas
DirectorL Sanjeeva Rao
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