Munna Mange Memsaab

2 hr 7 min | Hindi | Comedy | 2014 | 13+

Munna Mange Memsaab is the story of a small village boy (Munna) who is unfriendly, not handsome as well as not intelligent. Despite this his mother would tell him that he is the most handsome boy on the earth and he will marry some beautiful Memsaab.Munna grows up thinking and dreaming of his mother's wish, believing that he will to get marry a Memsaab. Finally one day he goes to the city to fulfil this dream. But will it be accomplished? Will Munna find his true love?

Music byNizam Khan
StarringRazzak Khan,Mushtaq Khan,Raza Murad,Himani Shivpuri,Omkar Das Manikpuri,Ali Khan,Sati Kaur,Bharti Tiwari,Ms. Jordiya Anna
DirectorShareeph Mansuri Saranawala
Available for download yes

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