Meghnad Badh

1 hr 59 min | Bengali | Classic | 1979 | all

Meghnad Badh is a dramatic representation of a chapter from the Epic Mahabharata. It tells the story of the life and death of Ravan�s son, great warrior Meghnad. The movie shows how Meghnad goes through pains to be blessed by Lord Brahma to be immortal. And then attacks Lord Indra to fulfill his revenge and captures him. He meets the daughter of the Nagraj and brings her back to his palace as his wife. Lord Vishnu comes to Earth in the avatar of man as Ram, along with his wife Sita and brother Lakshman, to defeat the evil King and his Prince and put a stop to the tyranny they inflict on the land. It also shows the extreme love and concern that Meghnad�s wife Sulachana, has for him and how in the end she prays to save his life in the battle and later brings him back. They are both blessed by Lord Ram, and the movie ends with their union in the Underworld.

Music byPasupuleti Ramesh Naidu
StarringAnjali Devi,Mita Chatterjee,S. V. Ranga Rao,Arun Roy,N. T. Rama Rao,Samar Kumar
DirectorShakti Chattopadhyay
Available for download yes

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