Meeting A Milestone

1 hr 25 min | Hindi | Social | 1989 | all

The film captures the magic of Bismillah Khan’s music. We see how Bismillah Khan , the phenomenon gradually evolved from a 14 year old boy accompanying his mamu (uncle) and Guru Nabi Baksh Khan at a concert in Allahbabd to become I the course of time, one of India’s all time greats. Through various gripping incidents and anecdotes, we through the evolution of the Shehnai in Indian life and how Benaras is an integral part of the legend’s life and sensibility. For Indian music lovers Bismillah Khan and music lovers are synonymous with the other. It is truly akin to meeting a milestone, for he occupies a unique place on the endless road of music.

StarringUstad Bismillah Khan
DirectorGoutam Ghose
Available for download no

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