2 hr | Tamil | Drama | 1979 | all

Mayandi,an uncivilized,angry young man (Jaishankar) is arrested by Police Inspector for murder.Mayandi requests the inspector to let go of him since he is taking revenge for his mother's death and will surrender once he accomplishes his task.The inspector however refuses and imprisons him.On the way to the police station,they are attacked by a group of gangsters.The inspector is amazed at Mayandi's muscle power and integrity and chooses to take him to his village to fight a gang of goons.In the village,Mayandi earns the love and respect of the villagers by his honest ways.One day he reveals to the inspector and his family,the reason for his mother's death.He also says that he is still looking for that third person who was responsible for his mother's death.Meanwhile,the villagers request him to put an end to the gangster Shangali and his wild men.While Mayandi tries to tackle the goons,he discovers that the village chieftain (Panniyar) dons the role of a good man and comes across as one,but is actually hand in glove with the gangsters who trouble the villagers.What he does not know is that the third person whom he is looking for is the Panniyar himself.Will Mayandi be able to accomplish his mission? Or will the villagers continue to be victims to Shangali?

Music byM.S.Viswanathan
DirectorPattabhiraman P.
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