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2 hr 10 min | Bengali | Drama | 1964 | all

Marutrisha is the story of Subrata, Animesh, Reba, Swapna and Monisha. Subrata is a painter who is in love with a rich girl Swapna. Monisha also shares a very good bond with Subrata and understands his travails as an artist. Animesh is in love with Reba but Reba left him for reasons unknown to him. Mr. Pratap keeps an eye on all of them. Reba comes and takes shelter under Mr. Subrata and treats him as her elder brother. But Swapna suspects Subrata has a relationship with both her sister Monisha and Reba. It's gradually revealed that Reba left Animesh when she found out that she was a daughter of a prostitute. Mr. Pratap tries to use Reba to earn money but Reba doesn't comply. Pratap conspires against them. Animesh who finds out the truth about Reba and accepts her. Swapna also realizes her mistake. But Monisha gets killed by Mr. Pratap's men trying to save Subrata.

Music by

Kalo Baron


Bipin Gupta,Babita Basu,Asit Baran,Tapati Ghosh,Robin Majumdar


Suresh Roy