Mane Magalu

2 hr 31 min | Kannada | Drama | 2003 | all

She can pick her chappal and blast the trouble monger.She has the ability to fight with a coconut in her hand.She can give lengthy lectures and stand as the 21st century girl with utmost courage.For this fiery and sensible girl the marriage breaks at a Kalyanmantap.The insult meted out to her by bridegroom makes her to accept challenge.She ties the nuptial knot from a physically handicapped youth.Back home she finds it hard but she shows her courage and tames everyone in the house.But the vengeance is still boiling around her in the village.One who has taken beatings from her and the other who suspected her for an anonymous letter he received at Kalyanmantap are getting prepared to teach Janaki a lesson.Before her victory in the climax Janaki transform her husband and loses her child in the womb.Yet this courageous girl is like Jhonty Rodes.She catches the flying broom stick,accurately holds a measuring liter with rice and jaggery when it is kicked by her tormentor.

Music byVandematharam Srinivas
StarringVishal Hegde,Radhika Sarathkumar,Srinivas murthy,Doddanna
DirectorSai Prakash
Available for download no

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