Makdacha Lagin

1 hr 44 min | Marathi | Comedy | 2014 | all

Narayan and Gauri, a young couple, hit a wall when their respective bickering villages oppose their marriage. The couple then comes up with an idea of marrying monkeys to unite the villages and clear ..more

Written byPrashant Surve
Music bySamir Khandagale, Harpreet Dhanjal, Sanjay Pathak
StarringVikas Samudre,Namrata Awate,Surekha Kudachi,Maithili Warang,Prasad Surve,Sanskruti Balgude,Chetan Dalvi,Sunil Godbole,Prakash Dhotre
DirectorPrashant Surve
Available for download yes

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