Love Bites

20 min | Hindi | Romance | 2018 | 13+

love, bites is a romantic drama where the story revolves around the lives of Karthik, an artist, and Meghna, scientist. Their sexual chemistry is obvious to everyone. Even to those who haven’t seen them together, since they like to flaunt the hickeys on their body. But something changes in their equation when the hickey becomes a bridge of memory that leads to an old sexual encounter Meghna had which Karthik finds out about. Will Meghna be able to help Karthik erase the marks of her past? Or will Karthik just to have to wake up to a realization that the past, even though it haunts, might not be real.

StarringHarleen Sethi,Satyajeet Dubey,Ajay Shanker,Aprajita Dey,Surbhi
DirectorAjay Govind
Available for download no

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