Kiss Kis Ko

1 hr 59 min | Hindi | Comedy | 2004 | 18+

Five performers -- Sudhanshu, Karan, Chin2, Siddharth and Sherrin perform at all possible nightspots, but Lady Luck continues to elude them. While Siddharth takes time to romance the girls, the remaining four boys are compulsive flirts. Till one incident changes everything. One of the girls, Divya, falls in love with Chin2. So much so that she even starts writing letters in blood!The boys hatch a plan to keep Divya at bay. They concoct an alibi about Chintu being a married man and a Casanova. Divya drops Chintu like a hot potato. But Divyas friend Riya gets to know the truth and decides to take them to task. She befriends all of them, one by one, and later creates a rift amongst them. Just when things had worked as per her plans, she has a change of heart and even admits to her mistake. Also, in the process, she loses her heart to Siddharth.

Music byVikesh Mehta
StarringKaran Oberoi,Chaithanya Bhosle,Sudhanshu Pandey,Siddharth Haldipur,Sherin Varghese
DirectorSharad Sharan
Available for download yes

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