Khokababur Pratyabartan

1 hr 42 min | Bengali | Classic | 1960 | all

Raicharan worked as servant of Anukul. Kalicharan worked under Anukul’s father and Raicharan was the only son of him. Raicharan worked there from his childhood and he served his level best to make his master happy. After the death of Kalicharan, Raicharan took every responsibility of Anukul’s family. As a result, his own family affected, but still he continued his job and looked after every details of Anukul’s family. One day when Raicharan took Anukul’s son for a ride, suddenly in an accident took place and the boy died. This incident really shattered everyone. Anukul and his wife started to blame Raicharan for that and claimed that Raicharan has kidnapped his child. Raicharan left the job and came back to his own house. His child was in the same age of Anulkul’s child. Immediately Raicharan made a plan and took his child to Kolkata, where he put him in a big school and prepared him as a child of Zamindar. He never confessed his child that he is the father of him. After few years, he took Anukul and his wife to that school, handed over his own child to them, and described him as Anulkul’s child. After that, he went away from the life of his near and dear once.

Music byHemanta Mukhopadhyay
StarringUttam Kumar,Asitbaran,Master Babua,Shishir Batabyal,Tarakumar Bhaduri
Available for download yes

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