Katakuti A Game of Relationships

2 hr 1 min | Bengali | Drama | 2011 | 13+

Dr. Sudesna Roy Chowdhury – a psychiatrist of Sanurag Mental Asylum, perceives a resemblance between her deceased son and Piklu, a mentally challenged patient thereat. Piklu, a love devotee, tried to shed the blood of his esurient and self-absorbed finance and then succumbed to mental imbalance. Sudesna escorts Piklu to her home for better treatment ; but her hubby, Subrata, an MD of multi-national company and daughter Rupsa, a college-gore, adjudge this decision as a rebellious one . Crinkled conflict engulfs the trio. The only oasis of Sudesna is her maiden sister-in-law, Pritha. Pritha, a playwrighter pens a fresh play on Rizawanur incident. But she is unwilling to expunge Rizwanur at the end ; she cogitates that all Rizwanurs do not die. Is Piklu a shadow of Rizwanur? Pritha, herself confronts an enigmatic relationship with Subhra, a named theatre-director. By virtue of his position at office, Subrata dissipates, compels his female colleagues to be his bed partner. Rupsa is a victim of present day milieu, a verse unrhymed. She prefers night-clubs and parties. Sumudged corners of their characters are now getting unveiled before Piklu. They drive him out of the house. But time becomes the harbinger of change. Subrata and Rupsa take cognizance of their misdeeds - brings Piklu back. Pritha completes the play - titles the play, Katakuti – a game of relationship.

Music byNachiketa Chakraborty
StarringKharaj Mukherjee,Sreelekha Mitra,Manoj Mitra,Rahul Banerjee,Jaya Seal,Shilajit Majumdar
DirectorPremangshu Roy
Available for download yes

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