Kannupada Poguthaiya

2 hr 34 min | Tamil | Drama | 1999 | all

Vetrivel,a much respected man,dearly loves his brother,Subramani.He sacrifices his love when his brother falls for the same girl,Gowri.But the latter begins to suspect Vetrivel of having an affair with his wife. Vetrivel's comes to know about the truth about Vetrivel and Gowri. They decided to get Vetrivel married to Anandraj's daughter. In the end, Vetrivel and Gowri's innocence is proved.

Music byS.A.Rajkumar
StarringAnandraj,Charlie,Karan,Lakshmi,Radha Ravi,Simran,Sivakumar,Vijayakanth
DirectorBharathi Ganesh
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